Prof. Firoozi’s Recom. Prof. Haghshenas’s Recom. Prof. Rezaei’s Recom. Prof. Tabaian’s Recom.

During my studies at Amirkabir University of Technology, I have passed several courses by outstanding lecturers. Between them, I had stronger connections with professors:

  • Dr. Sadegh Firoozi
  • Dr. Davoud Haghshenas
  • Dr. Milad Rezaei
  • Dr. S.Hadi Tabaian
  • Dr. Pirooz Marashi
  • Dr. Hamid Omidvar
  • Dr. Malek Naderi
  • Dr. Amirreze Azadmehr

Based on these relationships, they know me enough to write a recommendation about my academic performance and personality. But definitely, my supervisors know me more than anyone in this figure. So, I have kindly asked them to say their opinion about me as a student and researcher in a higher education school.

I’d like to give a big shout-out to our laboratories’ technicians Dr. Mostafa Chegini, Dr. Mohamad Mosayebi, and especially Eng. Reza Bahrami for their kind support in every section of my education programs.

I appreciate what they all did for me and hope I’ll be able to repay them…


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