Prof. Tabaian’s Recommendation

I have had the honor of having Prof. Tabaian referee my BSc thesis ,and as a student of him, I have had the pleasure of attending his classes at AUT:

  • Thermodynamics of Materials II (BSc, 4/4)
  • Principles of Metals Extraction I (BSc, 4/4)
  • Production of Non-Ferrous Metals I (BSc, 4/4)
  • Theory of Pyrometallurgical Processes (MSc, 2/4)

Below, you can find a brief assessment of my performance over the period of my education by Dr. Tabaian:

I know Mojtaba Adelalipour to be a hardworking, entrepreneurial individual who is eager to put scientific theories into practice.

As one of his MSc thesis’s referees, I can attest to his research proficiency. Given the quality of his work, I believe he has a great logic of how to explore the necessary theoretical framework, set up laboratory experiments, and adjust them in a practical context for reliable results. He delivered a remarkable piece of research which demonstrates his strong written and oral expression.

Also, Mojtaba was my student in “Theory of Pyrometallurgical Processes”, “Thermodynamics of Materials (II)”, “Principles of Metal Extraction (I)”, and “Production of Non-Ferrous Metals (I)” classes. He was a clever student and possessed an invaluable ability to think outside the box.

I am convinced that he will experience great success in his future and will be an asset to any team he chooses to join.

S.Hadi Tabaian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Deputy of Education and Research
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran
(+98) 21-64542933