Educated in top Iranian and Canadian universities
Well experienced in the field of metals extraction
Participated in several voluntary activities

My Curriculum Vitae

My Research In Summary

E-Waste Recycling
E-Waste Recycling

Waste printed circuit boards treating to obtain main and precious metals

SrCO3 Production
SrCO3 Production

Extraction of Sr from a local Celestine ore through the Black-Ash process

Zn & Cd Separation
Zn & Cd Separation

Solvent extraction of Zn and Cd by D2EHPA in the presence of citrate ion

Ni, Co, & Mn Processing
Ni, Co, & Mn Processing

Study of their recovery from primary and secondary resources

Part of My Supervisors' Favor

Sadegh Firoozi

"He was able to conduct complex experiments with competency. Amongst his good attributes in conducting research was his attention to experimental details."

Sadegh Firoozi Associate Professor
Davoud Haghshenas

"I have been especially impressed by his work in a group of his seven classmates, where Mojtaba had participated in designing and executing all phases of an e-waste recycling project."

Davoud Haghshenas Associate Professor
Seyyed Hadi Tabaian

"I believe he has a great logic of how to explore the necessary theoretical framework, set up laboratory experiments, and adjust them in a practical context for reliable results."

Seyyed Hadi Tabaian Associate Professor