Research Interests

All of my research interests are related to the inorganic chemistry that I can put them in two categories: 

1- Metallurgical Engineering

  • Hydrometallurgy

My main research area in which I’ve had more studies and experience than other topics.

  • Pyrometallurgy

I have good knowledge and experience in this field but not the same as hydrometallurgy.

  • Electro & Biometallurgy

In these cases, I have just some work experience. Meaning, I’ve worked on the Copper EW, ER, and Bioleaching but results have not been evaluated deeply in a scientific manner.

  • SolvoMetallurgy

I’ve got interested in this area for its application in the REE production and Aluminum industry. According to my scientific background, I know fundamentals and am able to research in this sector.

  • Mineral Processing

Beside academic courses, I’ve learnt through my MSc thesis in this area. I know it as a vital knowledge in extractive metallurgy.


2- Environmental Engineering

  • Waste Recycling

It’s a very interesting topic for me, in which I’ve done much research on different waste including spent catalyst, LIBs, dental Amalgam, and especially PCBs.

  • CO2 Mineralization

While reading scholarly articles, I’ve found it an interesting, distinct area in which a metallurgist can contribute to solving a global issue of these days.

  • Soil Decontamination & Water Treatment

I’m curious about this topic, firstly, due to its chemical aspects and secondly, because of its influence on lives of living organisms, not only humanity.


Related to these topics, I’ve spent overall 18 credits in principles of metals extraction including but not limited to:

  • Iron and steel making
  • Non-ferrous metals extraction
  • Mineral processing

and overall, 25 credits in chemistry science such as:

  • General Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Crystallography
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics

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BSc Transcript MSc Transcript