Chemistry Matters!

After finishing my pre-university studies, I was ready to commence a higher education in a university. During my years of study in higher school, the most interesting course for me was chemistry. I think many factors have caused this eagerness, including beautiful and distinct chemistry books, great teachers, and certainly attractive subjects. Even, I’ve kept my books from that period until now. :-).

Anyway, in my country, all of the students who want to go to the university have to take part in the national university-entrance examination. According to their results in this exam, they have to provide a list of their fields of interest with priorities. These two criteria, their results and presented list, determine who will study in what field and in which university.

In the case of me, the result was in the top 1% of nearly 250k students and as it was predictable with my best score in the chemistry part of the exam. Therefore, I wrote chemical engineering and Materials engineering in the list of my priorities prior to my other fields of interest, computer related ones.

Finally, I was accepted to study in material engineering with specialization in extractive metallurgy in Amirkabir University of Technology, the 2nd best university in Iran based on the QS ranking. It is where I started my journey in higher education far from my family for about 10 years.