Statement of My Purpose

MY past:

From when I started higher education, I’d run non-stop on the path of progress until when the failure in our teamwork on e-waste recycling occurred, that was a turning point in this manner.

At this collaboration, we had an unpredictable array of highs and lows, setbacks, and milestones. We had equipped a workshop from zero by our investment. We had built some facilities and designed processes by working around the clock . So, it was a really hard decision to accept our mistakes and terminate the project. Just as there is truly no feeling that’s more rewarding or satisfying than standing back at the end of a project and admiring the completed product, so there is no feeling that’s more frustrating than leaving behind all you’ve built with love.

However, it was a golden time for me in which I stopped and took a look back to the way I had passed. I started to analyze my performance and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses.

NEXT target:

I’ve got to know that I have the greatest performance when I get involved in a group. Besides, I’ve become a professional researcher that can investigate in materials engineering related fields and release reliable results.

At this position, my next expectation from myself is utilization of these expertise. I mean contribution in the science production through the academic way or entrepreneurship in an industrial environment. Worth mentioning that these two pathways are not distinct in my mind, as European countries in which the PhD role is considered as a job, despite my home country unfortunately.

This marking originates from my childhood desire to have my own laboratory at home. A purpose that can come true through having my own research group in a university or factory, but actually not at home :-).

STEP forward:

For this purpose, right at the moment, I’m looking abroad for an open position in research institutes, universities’ laboratories, or engineering division of industries in the field of my interests.

I’m looking abroad for some reasons. Firstly, since research roles are unpaid or not well paid in my country, I should have a second job that prevents focusing on a subject effectively. Secondly, due to a significant gap between university and industry as well as economical issues, such roles are rare. Thirdly, as I’ve learnt a lot from educating, working, and living in Tehran(capital) with different cultures, I believe it would be far more constructive.