Prof. Firoozi’s Recommendation

Professor Sadegh Firoozi has been my first supervisor in my master’s thesis and the second supervisor in my bachelor’s thesis.

Also, He has been my teacher in following courses:

  • Transport phenomena (BSc, 3/4)
  • Kinetics (BSc, 4/4)
  • Extractive metallurgy calculations (BSc, 4/4)
  • Theory of pyrometallurgical processes (MSc, 2/4)
  • Advanced Kinetics of Materials (MSc, 3/4)

I am so thankful for his long-term supervisory and following recommendation:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mojtaba for more than 6 years in the capacity of course instructor and M.Sc. research advisor. He was my student in “Transport Phenomena”, “Kinetics”, “Extractive Metallurgy Calculations”, “Kinetics of Materials” and “Theory of Pyrometallurgical Processes” classes. Based on his grades and class participation, I would rate his academic performance in the BSc program in the top 10%. Mojtaba was amongst top students in his class and as a result entered the MSc program without the entrance examination.

As for his B.Sc. research Mojtaba conducted his work on the “Production of Strontium carbonate from Celestine ore by reductive roasting, leaching and precipitation method”. He was able to conduct complex experiments with competency and successfully finished his research. Amongst his good attributes in conducting research was his attention to experimental details.

Mojtaba is enthusiastic for the for the field of extractive metallurgy and attended several students’ competition in this field. His team also won the 1st prize in the “Production and Recycling of Metals” completion a few years ago.

Sadegh Firoozi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Head of Production and Synthesis of Materials Group
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran
(+98) 21-64542991