Sweet Taste of Collaboration

Absolutely, experience of presence and success in MPRC competitions has had an unbelievable influence on my personality. This event has intensified my teamwork spirit as well as rivalry spirit. Since then, I’ve had the stomach for taking part in different collective activities. For instance, except for scientific cases, I’ve participated in two competitions in the field of performing arts,  the 3rd Nasir film festival and the annual Namava play reading festival.

If it piques your interest, at the first one, we produced a film about a common confusion faced by some students in university at least in Iran. An issue that originates from when their parents choose a field to study for their children, regardless of their interests.

At the second one, we chose a play written by Matei Vișniec entitled “Trois nuits avec Madox” to read out loud for the audience. It’s hard to say what the playwriter tries to say and is very dependent on personal thoughts. Nonetheless, I think it’s about the meaning of life, a game in which there is neither a loser nor a winner, the game itself is what matters.

Also, it was after this competition when I participated in a group entertainment. I joined a climbing club consisting of AUT students and alumni. It gave me a chance to make a connection with great, experienced people whom I could learn lessons from and have fun with.