Nikteb Orthotics & Prosthetics Center

In summary, my father has worked for 30 years in the Red Crescent Organization (Red Cross) as a technical orthopedist. His duty has been helping people with physical disabilities through making artificial limbs and braces. After retirement, he continued his job as self-employed for a while. But it seemed to be illegal and a notice was delivered to him to stop working. When I heard about it, I got really upset and tried to solve the problem because I believe my father is the best in this profession in Mashhad, my hometown.

Therefore, I proceed to found a company in this field to avoid depriving the community of such a talented man. To this purpose, after long-lasting efforts to prepare required documents, facilities, and experts, I succeeded in getting the utilization certificate of Nikteb orthotics and prosthetics center.

Now, I’m involved part-time at this company beside my father and other colleagues and feeling so good when watching recovered people, that I have a little share at this humanitarian work.