Fascinated by Recycling

I don’t exactly why and from when I’ve got interest in the recycling subject, but definitely below thoughts effective on this attitude:

  • Recycling is one of nature rules
  • Recycling reduces environmental damages of human activities
  • Recycling is the column of sustainable development
  • Waste is so richer than mines
  • Recycling is economic friendly
  • Recycling needs significantly more advanced technology
  • We can stop mining, but we cannot stop waste production
  • ….

While carrying these thoughts, I look around considering possible recycling potential. In this regard, I’ve worked a little on two projects: dental amalgam and disposable aluminum container.

In the first one, two of my friends and I try to design a business plan to recover Ag and Hg from this waste. We had some progress on market analysis and processing, but the biggest obstacle was collecting issue that needed to be supported by governmental associations, a time-consuming work that was not possible for us at the moment.


The idea of another case came to my mind when I was living in the university residency. In the month of Ramadan, we received meals in disposable aluminum containers which were thrown away without segregation. When I saw this scene, I did a simple calculation and was surprised! So, I got action. I prepared some bins to separate this waste and encouraged people to collaborate. In summary, at last, I succeeded in collecting nearly 500 Kg of Aluminum waste and selling it. After that, fortunately, this plan continued by clerks under the university supervision.

And, also, some other ideas that I’ve done some research on them at the SBKC company, but not deeply.